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lil' piece of writing \"My Memory...\"

This is an English assignment in which we had to write out a memory... Enjoy!

Oct. 21st, 2004, Thur.
My Memory...

                When I was very little, meaning younger than eight years of age, my family was living in Bedford, Indiana. On this particular day, I was outside during the autumn season, like usual, following my brothers through the woods that surrounded our house. During the fall, there are lots of leaves everywhere and it was not unusual for my brothers and I to make leaves piles that we proceeded to jump in. But today, my brothers were exploring the words around the old cement plant buildings that were still standing. As I struggled to follow them, I remember looking around at all brightly colored leaves that were still hanging from the trees around us. My brothers were filling the air with the usual chatter of wildlife, trees, and animals that they were always talking about. Whatever I was doing, I remember suddenly cluing in on the fact of what they were talking about: they were going snake hunting.

                I have always been very small for my age, so at six or seven years old, snakes were something that I was afraid of, thought partly because my brothers were known to chase me around holding the long black adder snakes that often can be found in the woods around our house. When I realized that they were looking for snakes, I turned around and heading back to house. Already terrified at the idea of running into a snake on my own, I was very tense and nervous as I walked up our long driveway to the family’s parked cars. Because I used to always watch the ground in front of me (for fear of stepping on some little creature), I had my eyes pinned to ground as I trudged up the driveway.

                Then, about ten feet from where our family’s Toyota van stood, I came across a snake. To me, this snake looked big and I screamed and started crying, frozen in my tracks. From the surrounding woods, my brothers came running and upon discovery of my plight, started to laugh. Their laughter was brought on by the fact that this big snake that I was afraid of was actually a tiny baby snake that had been flattened by the car driving over it. All I know from this memory was that I was very afraid, and my brothers were laughing, but still attempted to calm me down. I think it took my mother or father comforting me to actually calm me down, and to this day, I still feel the terror I felt from that little squished, baby snake.

2:03 PM - 10.21.04 Thursday


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