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lil' piece of writing \"Midnight Visitor\"

Oct. 6th, 2004, Wed.
Midnight Visitor

                The girl welcomed her guest into her room, despite the fact that it was eleven o’clock at night. His visit was very unexpected and questions scurried over her mind: "Am I dreaming? Why is he here? What does he want? Is something wrong? Does he want to talk? Is he upset?” The never-ending barrage of questions were silenced by his quiet confession. Not quite paying attention, she stared into his eyes, wondering what secrets those blue pools held. "What have I done to deserve such a visit? Did something happen?" She wondered to herself.

                She focused on his words as he explained, "I didn't want to be alone so I thought I'd go for a walk and I was thinking of who I know and I thought 'you' so I thought I'd visit..." His confession was interrupted by his cell phone, and he turned away as he answered it.

                After finishing the call, he walked into the room as he questioned, "I'm not bothering you am I? I wanted to see if you wanted to go for a walk with me..." She laughed as she realized he was really in front of her, asking her to go for a walk with him.

                "A walk? Uh..." She glanced back at her notebook and the homework she had left unfinished. "Uh..." Casting one last glance she made up her mind, "Sure what the hell...." She hurriedly turned off her appliances and grabbed warmer clothes as well as her keys, thinking "I don't want to be locked out on a late night as this..." And followed her guest out the door.

                As she closed the door behind her, questions flooded her brain. "Is this wrong? What's going on? Should I tell him how I feel? Does he know I like him...?" She took a deep breath as she followed him down the stairs. "Why is it I always want to kiss him so badly when he has no clue...?" She reflected on the day last summer before school when she had run into him and all she could think of was kissing him; of taking his face in her hands and kissing him like she had never kissed a guy before. "God I'm a hopeless case... absolutely hopeless..."

                She sighed as she continued to follow him, half paying attention to what he was saying, but mostly trying not to look him in the eyes. She had this strange thought that if she actually looked him directly in the eyes, he would see everything she felt for him, and know her secret. The last thing she wanted, of all things, was to alienate him from ever having a chance. She tried to block the thoughts of how good he looked, how sexy he looked, and of how much she wanted to kiss him. She just couldn't help it. Whenever she was with him, it took all of her control to not spill her secret, to not let him know just how badly she wanted him, and the fact that she wanted him no matter the situation. The only thing she could hope for is that one day, he would return her secret affections, and know the truth that resided in her heart.

9:50 PM - 10.08.04 Friday


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