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lil' piece of writing \"Sunny Day\"

Sunny Day --05.06.04 Thur.--
With the country music blasting, her friends singing at the top of their lungs, and the windows rolled down, she sat staring quietly out the window, her head lost in thoughts of him.

All she could think about was him. All she wanted was him. No matter the song that blasted from the speakers, it only served as a reminder of how utterly stupid she was being. At 18, one would think this girl knew not the meaning of shy. But deep down inside, she was still that little girl of eight who couldn't admit that her best friend was her boyfriend. Those days were long past, but that feeling still held a place inside.

Sighing she looked to her friends as they urged her not to fall asleep. Their less-than-innocent smiles warned her that at the first sight of closed eyelids, they would strick mercilessly and quickly. Laughing she commented on their synchronized smiles. She couldn't even begin to explain how lucky she felt to have such great people at her side. Today of all days... when there was only one thing she could think about.

Rolling her window farther down, she let the wind sweep through her hair. There's nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair. Another thought pushed its way to the surface of her mind and she smiled. If only they knew the things she thought... then no one would think of her as innocent again.

9:43 PM - 05.06.04 Thursday


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