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lil' piece of writing \"Free\"

April 4th, 2005, Monday


        Feeling the heat of that great orb in the sky, the wind washes away the heat, leaving me feeling... free. Complete, at last, I feel contentment to the nth degree. Finally.... free.
        She walks with her eyes to the sky, her heart cloaked in disappearing shadows, and her head observing the world around her... while keeping time with that never-ending beat in her head. She walks with her eyes skyward, hoping to catch some warm spring rain on her face; her heart cloaked away from any pain; and her head watches for those little things in life that make each and every day better.
        Warm, welcoming, wintering away the sunshine days of this... they make Mondays seem much less scary...
        Whistling through her hair, the wind plays with a few strands as she makes her way back from class. Her eyes take notice of the gray underlining of the clouds as they sweep over the campus, reminding her to smile for the weather that could be. Looking to the ground, she smiles at the shadows that play at her feet, as the sun's warmth gives her a feeling of yester-year. The sky's radiance on this sunny spring day lifts her mood, allowing her to escape from that black abyss that occasionally taunts her, wishing her to play in that dangerous game of past. She feels the smile tug at her cheeks as she gives into the innocence of the warmth, pushing away the thoughts of gray-- of thoughts of yesterdays. Welcoming the sun upon her face, she genuinely smiles.
        Yester-year and yester-day... those thoughts have all been chased away. Sunshine reminds me of what I have... of this life that is truly mine.... all that I am and all that I can be is what I have in front of me. All I can do is the best that I am.... with everything inside me.......
        Complete, at last, I feel contentment to the nth degree. Finally.... free.

3:24 PM - 04.04.05 Monday


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