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poem "Untitled-- March 6th, 2006"

Poem based on this night... --03.06.06 Monday--

A night of hilarity and fun assured,
The friends set off,
Destination unknown.
One with all the world on her shoulders,
Afraid to let go;
To just believe;
Afraid to leave the past behind.
The future unknown,
And the present to make itself.

Aiding in her escape,
Her friends laughed at the secrecy,
Secretly wondering why
She didn't speak
The truth;
Wondering why,
Wondering from whom
She wanted to run.

Delighting in her ease,
They succumed to the breeze,
And found excitement in sharing;
Their hideaway,
Forever known only to her.
In her eyes,
She saw only him;
Wondering if he felt it too;
Praying she would be ready to find out.

Setting off into the dark,
The friends delighting in ease;
Enjoying the night,
Enjoying the fright,
Given over to three's company.
Unheard beauty filled the air,
Quiet reflection the individual delight;
Given over to three's company,
The friends lost themselves
In the darkness;
The future unknown;
The present left to make itself.

12:09 AM - 03.06.06 Wednesday


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