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lil' piece of writing \"Here, kind stranger...\"

Jan. 8th, 2005, Saturday

Here, kind stranger...

         A girl took her first step alone, away from that place she had so learned to hate and to love... but what she saw lacked love. She took that step and embraced this new place... and finally she felt free and herself, she felt that here she could finally put down that wall she had built and hid behind for so long. Here, she knew that she could start fresh and show every part of her, not hiding any of it.

         Here she found people she could relate to and that she could talk to. She meet new people, and here she found new friends.

         She was able to connect online much better than before, and here she met someone who fascinated her and who she wanted to know about. She friended this person and never looked back.

         So many people had come and gone in her life, she found someone who she could talk with and share and be there through whatever life through his way.

         She was actually able to let go.

         Here, she found that part of herself that she thought she'd never find, and she owes it in part to this kind stranger.

         Here, she saw how one person could just be themselves no matter what... and she learned to just accept even more of herself and with this kind stranger, she learned to accept those dark places of her heart she had for so long struggled with.

         Now, this kind stranger is facing something greater than she had ever seen. She did what only she knew how to do... she made sure he knew that he was not alone, whether he was here or not...

        He is not alone.

9:31 AM - 01.08.05 Saturday


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